Instructor Rating – Ultralight aeroplane

The Instructor Rating – Ultralight allows you to act as pilot-in-command of a two-seat ultralight aircraft with another person on-board for the purpose of instructing that individual.

In order to hold an Instructor Rating – Ultralight, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and hold a Category 3 Medical Certificate.

Proof of Citizenship and Age are both required – a photocopy of your birth certificate, valid passport or your Pilot Permit or Medical Certificate are all acceptable proof of both age and citizenship.

In general terms, knowledge refers to theoretical training, ground school and written exams. Experience refers to flight time and Skill refers to meeting a flying standard.

If you hold a Pilot Permit – Ultralight and wish to add the IRUL, you’re required to have completed 50 hours of flying in ultralights during the 2 years prior to applying for the rating, including:

  • 5 hours of dual instruction flight time,
  • 5 hours of dual flight time on instructional techniques, and
  • 25 hours solo flight time.

If you’ve held a pilot license – aeroplane within the preceding 5 years, these requirements are reduced to:

  • 20 hours of flight time in Ultra-light Aeroplanes,
  • minimum of 2 hours dual instruction flight time and
  • minimum of 10 hours solo flight time

The Barrie Flying Club IR-UL air syllabus contains 13 dual lessons.

In each lesson you’ll spend 2.2 hours with the instructor and 1 hour flying the aircraft.

Though this exceeds the Transport Canada minimum experience figures to hold the IR-UL, we feel this time is needed to prepare a candidate to be a successful, professional instructor.

Once you’ve met the standard set out by Transport Canada, we’ll write you a letter of competency on the basis of which your rating will be issued – you will obtain your IR-UL rating once you completed a Flight Test with a Transport Canada examiner.

Barrie Flying Club runs regular, 2-day IR-UL weekend ground schools. The purpose of the ground school is to meet one of the Transport Canada knowledge requirements to hold the IR-UL and also to help you prepare for the FITEN exam.

You are required to do some pre-reading prior to attending the ground school – the reading list and all reference materials are provided by Barrie Flying Club when you enroll in the IR-UL training program.

(note: there’s no requirement to attend a ground school before or during the flying portion of your training but you’re required to complete it prior to writing the FITEN exam and therefore before being issued the IR-UL.

The FITEN exam is a 50 question, multiple choice exam written administered by Transport Canada.

In order to be admitted to the exam, you must have completed the IR-UL ground school and half of the total flight training time for the rating.