Pilot Permit – Ultralight aeroplane

The Pilot Permit – Ultralight (PP-UL) is the quickest way to earn your wings! Once you’ve earned a PPUL you may fly solo in any aircraft that falls in the ultralight category. In order to earn your PPUL, you must meet certain knowledge, skill and experience requirements.

Knowledge refers to theoretical information, usually learned in a ground school or through self study, and verified by way of multiple choice tests.

Skill refers to a practical skill obtained through hands-on training, flight instruction.

There isn’t a flight test for the PP-UL but rather your instructor will issue a “Letter of Competency” and on the strength of this Transport Canada will issue your Pilot Permit. However, a flight test with a TC examiner will be required if you decide to obtain your Passenger Rating (this rating allow you to carry a passenger).

Experience refers to time acquired in the aircraft, both dual (time flown with an instructor) and solo.

More details on what level of knowledge, skill and experience you require at different stages of your training is outlined below in the Stages section.

Conditions Requirements

  • In order to hold a PP-UL, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old and meet some basic medical requirements outlined on the Category 4 Medical self declaration. You can start training at any age but 14 is the minimum age to solo.
  • Proof of Citizenship and Age are both required – a photocopy of your birth certificate or a valid passport are acceptable

 Young Pilots

  • Because our training program takes less than 3 months (in some cases, as little as two weeks), starting your training 3 months before your 14th birthday would be the earliest we’d recommend.
  • Once you’ve met the requirements for the SPP-UL, you can fly solo under the supervision of an instructor until you turn 16, at which time we’ll send in your PP-UL application to Transport Canada.

Detail Curriculum


Flight Training / Dual Instruction

  • Dual instruction refers to flights with an instructor on board.
  • You are required to obtain at least 5 hours of dual instruction, including 30 take-offs and landings, and 10 total hours of flight time prior to being issued a Pilot Permit – Ultralight.
  • We feel this gives our clients sufficient time with an instructor to expose them to almost any situation they may encounter solo.

Student Pilot Permit – Ultralight (SPP-UL)

  • The first milestone in your flight training is obtaining your Student Pilot Permit – Ultralight. (SPP-UL)
  • An SPP-UL allows you to fly an ultralight aircraft solo under the supervision of your flight instructor.

SPP-UL Requirements

  • In addition to meeting the age, citizenship and medical requirements listed above you’ll also have to pass a short pre-solo exam.
  • Knowledge: pre-solo exam
  • The pre-solo exam is administered by Barrie Flying Club. When you begin your training, we’ll provide you with the study guide for this exam and all reference material. It’s a multiple-choice exam with approximately 55 questions. The pass mark is 90%.
  • Once you’ve met these requirements, Barrie Flying Club will issue your Student Pilot Permit – Ultralight in preparation for the next step…

First Solo Practice

  • Earning your Student Pilot Permit – Ultralight, you’ve met the legal requirements for flying solo.
  • Once you’ve completed the first 14 lessons the Capital Air Sports syllabus and your instructor is confident in your skills, you’ll move on to the 15th and 16th lesson plans: your first solo and solo practice flights!
  • During these flights, you’re required to perform 10 solo take-offs and landings and obtain 2 hours of solo flight in the ultralight aircraft.

Ground School ULTRA exam

Ground School

  • Barrie Flying Club runs regular PP-UL 2-day weekend ground schools. The purpose of the ground school is to meet one of the Transport Canada knowledge requirements to hold the PP-UL and also to help you prepare for the ULTRA exam.
  • You are required to do some pre-reading prior to attending the ground school – the reading list and all reference materials are provided by Barrie Flying Club when you enroll in the PP-UL training program.
Note(There’s no requirement to attend a ground school before or during the flying portion of your training but you’re required to complete it prior to writing the ULTRA exam and therefore before being issued the PP-UL.

ULTRA exam

  • The ULTRA exam is a 50 question, multiple choice exam written administered by Transport Canada.
  • In order to be admitted to the exam, you must have completed the PP-UL ground school and half of the total flight training time for the permit – 5 of the 10 hours.
  • There’s a $55 fee payable at the time you write your exam.

The Pilot Permit – Ultralight

  • Once you’ve completed all of the above requirements, you’re done!