At Barrie Flying club our mission is to provide quality flight training for Light Sport Aircraft. Our flight instructors have years of experience both as pilots and as professional instructors, and we understand that students learn at a different rate and in different ways.
We are dedicated to making learning to fly challenging, exiting, fun and most of all safe. This is one of the greatest achievements of a pilot life.
Join us in the adventure and keep your dream alive.

Not sure if flying is for you, or you are looking for a memorable gift for someone else? There's no better way of experiencing the Freedom of Flying  than an introductory flying lesson!

Fly in a  LSA aircraft  through the sky and with expert instructor discover just how much fun it can be as you experience the speed and maneuverability of this  remarkable and exhilarating craft.
Tell your instructor  where you live and he'll do his best to perform an impressive fly by enabling you to take a picture of your own backyard as an impressive memento for the family album.

barrie flying club
At Barrie Flying Club we teach on the most advanced light sport aircraft  in the industry, including Thecnam and Sportstar aircraft.